TBWC Irish Single Malt #1

Bottler: That Boutique-y Whisky Company
Age: 24 years old
ABV: 46.8%
More Info: WhiskyBase

A mystery Eurovision entry from those folks at TBWC. If you’re not familiar with “My Lovely Horse”, allow the YouTube video to enlighten you…

Oh, you’ll have a dram, won’t you? Go on. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on…

Nose: Pineapple Turkish delight in dusty icing sugar. Bruised apples, salty toffee, whipped cream. Absolutely delicious.

Palate: Mango syrup, peach melba, Werther’s Original toffees with a gentle gingerbread tingle.

Finish: Apple skin, with a touch of Barley grist and vanilla.


This is a stunning whiskey. Soft, delicate, fruity and sublime on the nose and tongue. Reminds me of the Midleton Very Rare I tried last year…

I could sip this happily all Summer, if all 264 bottles hadn’t already sold out.

Samples are still available via Master of Malt for £13.67 a piece.

Midleton Very Rare 2014

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 20.49.09Distillery: Midleton
ABV: 40%
More Info: WhiskyBase

About time for a visit to Ireland!

The Midleton Very Rare blended whiskey is released in limited quantities every year using a blend of whiskeys aged between 12 and 25 years old.

Thanks very much to Nick for the sample.

Nose: Very soft. Apple blossom, oak chips, beeswax, egg custard tart, fresh cranberries, brown sugar and crème brûlée. A whisper of dark chocolate.

Palate: Demerara and baking spices: clove, cinnamon and liquorice. A fizzy pop element, like Panda Pop cola. Gets rich and buttery as it builds on the tongue with caramel cream and vanilla fudge.

Finish: Very creamy and long with vanilla, oak, sweet rolling tobacco and a touch of tangy pepper.

Mmm, goes down very nicely this does.

It has that characteristic Irish pot still creaminess – very smooth and moreish. It’s not massively complex, but it’s certainly been expertly crafted: Very balanced, elegant and pleasing.

The 2015 edition is still available to buy on Master of Malt for £149.70.

Hyde 10 Year Old (Presidents Cask)

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 20.20.05Distillery: ???
Age: 10 years old
Bottler: Hibernia
ABV: 46%
Cask: Bourbon, finished in Oloroso Sherry
More Info: WhiskyBase

It’s not often I venture to the Emerald Isle in search for a dram! And for a single malt, no less.

Hyde Whiskey appeared on my radar on Twitter a few months back and has been a very prolific brand. The whiskey itself comes from a mystery Irish distillery and is bottled by Hibernia in Skibbereen, south Cork. The name is a nod to the first president of the Republic of Ireland, Douglas Hyde.

Let’s have a go…

Nose: Fruity! Overripe apples flesh, pear skin, peaches, honeysuckle. A little mineral salinity and dry hay, too.

Palate: Sweet, soft and smooth to start. Lemon cakes, toffee and vanilla build up to baking spices, cardamom, liquorice root and ginger. A touch of sour grapefruit and lime in the middle.

Finish: Peppery barrel spice, then long sweet oak.

Really interesting fruity notes on this, with a smooth start though the peppery spices at the end are quite prominent. Not a bad dram, but could be a lot smoother.

Here’s to more single malts from Ireland in future, though – it’s no bad thing to see this kind of dram on the market.

You can pick this up on Master of Malt for £50.88.