Linkwood 30 (Rare Malts)

Distillery: Linkwood
Bottled: 2005, Distilled: 1974
Age: 30 years old
Bottles: 6,000
ABV: 54.9%
More Info: WhiskyBase

Here’s one of those whiskies that makes you sit back, take in a breath, and sigh…

Some kind soul put a bottle out on the dram table at Dramboree 2014. Of the 200 bottles out on the table, I think I’m right in saying this one was the first to disappear*.

At an event like Dramboree, you can’t realistically take tasting notes. It’s more fun just to enjoy and chat to the other attendees about the whisky. So I’ve really looked forward to cracking open this sample and spending some quality time with it…

Nose: Lovely refined barley with sweet hay and a suggestion of tobacco. Underneath, there’s a host of fruity sweet shop aromas – stewed cooking apples, pear drops and candy with a cloud of sherbet in the air that tingles the nostrils.

Palate: Syrupy and sweet. Leads with barley candy and thick malty notes, like the core of a hearty stout ale. Gooseberry and pears, with a wonderful zesty sherbet edge. Cinnamon spices and milk chocolate.

Finish: Sweet oak and barley grass.

This is an elegant and graceful whisky that builds its character around simple but exquisitely well-balanced flavours of barley and oak.

Takes me right back to Loch Lomond.


You can get a 60ml sample of Linkwood 30 from for €26.50.

* I have to say, they didn’t all get emptied! By the end of the three-day event most of the bottles people brought were at least half full. Only the really interesting ones disappeared.