Bruichladdich Cuvee 640 Eroica

Distillery: Bruichladdich
Bottled: 2012
Age: 21 years old
Bottles: 18,000
ABV: 46%
Cask: American Oak, finished in Limousin European Oak
More Info: WhiskyBase

Nose: Salty Atlantic air, dried apricots, clementines, kiwis, apples, mint, and waxed leather. Bit of dark chocolate brownie in there too.

Palate: Golden honeyed malt with drying notes of Moroccan herbal mint tea, sweet raspberry, blood orange, Turkish delight, and citrus pith.

Finish: Dry and oaky, with Brazil nuts in dark chocolate.

Oh yes, indeed. That lovely Bruichladdich maltiness with a salty edge and silky mouthfeel, with refined French fruit and wood aromas wrapped around it.

I enjoyed the 407 PX but most of the character came from that first-fill sherry finish. This is still a malty, salty unpeated Atlantic whisky but the Cognac barrel has imparted subtle and soft notes of fruit, herbs, chocolate and nuts.

Vive le France ❤

There are three Cuvée bottlings in this particular series: 640 Eroica, 407 La Noche Bocca Arriba (PX), and 382 La Berenice (Sauternes/Barsac wine). All the same stock from American oak, and finished up to 21 years old. All are still available on the market (try Whisky Exchange) for around £90-£100.

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